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Latest trip reports!

  • 15 Anniversary
  • Iberian Lynx 5-Day Tour
    26 - 30 January 2015

    A shorter 5-day tour in our search for the rarest feline in the world, the critically endangered Iberian Lynx plus visiting the wetlands of La Mancha.

  • The best of Morocco
    28 March - 12 April March 2015

    A 12-day tour to discover the main bird sanctuaries in the Atlas mountains, the Atlantic coast and the “hammada” & “erg” deserts in Morocco.

  • Doñana & Extremadura
    5 - 11 April 2015

    A wonderful tour exploring the two top birding destinations in Spain. We start in Sevilla and finish in Madrid. A perfect combination for extra cultural stay.

  • Extremadura
    14 - 20 April 2015
    26 April - 2 May 2015 TOUR FULL!

    A 7-day tour looking for raptors such as the rare Spanish Imperial Eagle and steppe birds.

  • Iberian Lynx & Dupont's Lark extension
    11 - 17 April 2015 TOUR FULL!

    A new expedition in our search for the rarest feline in the world, the Iberian Lynx, traveling then into a Dupont's Lark sanctuary near Madrid.

  • Extremadura & Gredos
    10 - 16 May 2015

    The best tour to enjoy raptors (5 species of eagles!) and semi-alpine birds like Bluethroat, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush and Citril Finch.

  • Spanish Pyrenees
    1 - 7 June 2015 TOUR FULL!
    10 - 16 June 2015 LAST 3 PLACES!
    16 - 22 June 2015

    Highlights in the Pyrenees Black Woodpecker, Wallcreeper, Lammergeier, Ring Ouzel, Citril Finch...

  • Brown Bears, butterflies and... birds!
    23 - 30 August 2015

    An 8-day tour at two centres within the core area for breeding Brown Bears in Spain, looking for these superb animals and the late summer birds plus butterflies.

  • Strait of Gibraltar
    5 - 11 September 2015
    12 - 18 September 2015

    Enjoy the raptor migration on live! Booted and Short-toed Eagles, Honey Buzzards... and much more!

  • Extremadura Photo Tour
    April 2015

    The knowledge of our team about bird behaviour and photography techniques assure a top quality service for photographers in sanctuaries of Extremadura.


    Customized trips for single travelers or small parties visiting some of the top birding locations in and around Madrid. Spanish Imperial Eagle, Great Bustard, White-headed Duck and Dupont's Lark sanctuaries at a bit more than hour driving from Spain's capital city!